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    San Rafael, CA
    Weekend Retreat
    Jan 27 - 28, 2018




    Retreats with Peter Brown



    These retreats are offered to experienced aspirants who are willing to explore Peter's teachings in a focused manner, and will be presented from a perspective of mature purity and subtlety, with minimal remedial explanation. To this end Peter asks you to review the Open Doorway web site, and have a background understanding of fundamental “non-dual” traditions including Advaita, Dzogchen, and Kashmir Shaivism. He encourages you to contact him directly to explore the practicality of your participation.



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    San Rafael, CA - Weekend Retreat

    Saturday, Januray 27 - Sunday, January 28, 2018
    10 am - 4 pm (with a lunch break)


    A non-residential two-day weekend retreat with Peter to explore the subtle energy yoga of the Radiant Presence that constitutes your being, your experience — through means of experiential investigation, teaching, discussion, and transmission.


    This Retreat will be held in Open Secret Bookstore, 824 C st., San Rafael. Registration for this event will be $60. For information and to register, please email retreat@theopendoorway.org.







    The Open Doorway exists to make available the teachings of Peter Brown and to facilitate attending retreats, public talks, and individual meetings with Peter, in celebration of the eternal unfolding of Divine Reality. 

    All registration fees will go directly to expenses, no individual associated with the retreat will receive any remuneration.